New World Heavyweight Champion Decided At WWE Night Of Champions

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Seth Rollins is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

The Visionary entered the Jeddah Superdome to a monster ovation, and he left to an even bigger reaction.

The match itself was surprisingly slow in the early going with Rollins in control. However, it was never going to be one-way traffic and Styles fought back to earn a couple of near-falls of his own.

The more that Styles got back into the contest, the quicker the pace, but it was Rollins who scored the next near-fall. After narrowly avoiding a Styles Clash from the middle rope, Rollins hit an inverted supers plex to come within touching distance of victory.

The turning point of the match came when Rollins injured his knee on a dive to the outside, and this setup Styles’ strategy for the rest of the bout. The Phenomenal One immediately went to work on the injured wheel locking in a calf crusher, before hitting a Pedigree. Although Rollins kicked out, the knee remained a problem and prevented him from hitting the stomp which would have ended things.

However, on this night, Seth Rollins was not to be denied. The former NXT Champion managed to deliver a Pedigree of his own and followed that up with a stomp to score the 1, 2, 3.

After the bell, Triple H presented Rollins with his newly won title.

Seth Rollins’ Journey To WWE World Title Glory

Back in April, Triple H announced the creation of the new World Heavyweight Championship, and a tournament was later set up. This included two Triple-Threat Matches and two semi-finals before the final in Saudi Arabia.

Rollins overcame Damian Priest and Shinsuke Nakamura in his Triple-Threat before seeing off Finn Balor in the semi-final. Meanwhile, over on SmackDown, AJ Styles got the better of Edge and Rey Mysterio, before going on to defeat Bobby Lashley.

Seth Rollins has enjoyed a glittering career with WWE and had previously held World Championship gold on no less than four occasions. However, it had been some time since he was last in possession of either of the company’s top titles.

The Visionary hadn’t been champion since holding the Universal Title way back in 2019, his reign running from August 11th to October 31st.