New Unified NXT Champion Crowned

NXT Championship

NXT 2.0 has a new Unified NXT Champion after Tyler Bate and Bron Breakker did battle in the main event of Worlds Collide.

Champion vs. Champion. The ultimate showdown where someone leaves without their precious title belt.

After finally climbing back to the top of the NXT UK mountain, Tyler Bate held the distinction of being the first and last NXT United Kingdom Champion. But at Worlds Collide he had his eyes on an even bigger prize, Bron Breakker’s NXT Title.

In the early going the match went as expected. Bate using his quickness to try upset the much bigger, and more powerful man in Breakker. Not that the two-time NXT Champion isn’t freakishly agile in his own right, something he showed off on more than one occasion.

Interestingly it was Bate’s power that almost got him the win with a Liger Bomb, but it wasn’t enough. Breakker fought back delivering a Steiner Screwdriver but this time Bate kicked out.

The bout grew to a spectacular near-fall when Bate bridged out of a pin directly into a Tyler Driver 97, but somehow Breakker kicked out, to the amazement of the crowd who were sure that the match was over.

The finish came in typically brutal style, Bate went for his rebound Lariat only to be met with a huge Spear from Breakker which was enough to earn the win.

After the match Tyler Bate tipped his hat to Bron Breakker, handing both championships to the second generation star.

Bron Breakker had been NXT Champion since defeating Dolph Ziggler back in April.