New Steve Austin Book To Be Released On 3/16

Steve Austin 3:16

The phrase ‘Austin 3:16’ is iconic to almost every professional wrestling fan and now, as ‘3/16 Day’ approaches, it has been announced that a book celebrating the career of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin will be released on that very date!

ECW Press have announced that a book, set to contain 316 facts and stories about the ‘Texas Rattlesnake’, is set to be released March 16, 2021. The WWE-licenced book is a tribute to all things ‘Stone Cold’, following his illustrious career to the top of the WWE mountain.

A recent press release reveals that Austin himself has contributed to the book, giving his frank opinions on Vince McMahon and other WWE legends:

“March 1, 2021— ECW Press today announced that it will publish Austin 3:16, featuring 316 facts and stories about WWE Hall of Famer and pop culture icon “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on Tuesday, March 16, to commemorate ‘3:16 Day.’

‘3:16 Day’ is a day to celebrate Austin, who has created some of the most memorable catchphrases in history. None are more memorable than when he exclaimed “Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass” after winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, subsequently launching his career to new heights.

Austin 3:16 celebrates the WWE Legend’s finest moments in the ring, on the microphone, and behind the wheel of a beer truck, Zamboni, and cement mixer. The book includes 316 Stone Cold facts, figures, and catchphrases that uncover little known facets about the “Texas Rattlesnake,” including how he conceived the “Stone Cold” moniker, what he really thinks of Mr. McMahon, “The Rock,” and Bret “Hit Man” Hart, and why he has the WWE Universe shouting.

Austin 3:16 was authored by Michael McAvennie, a lifelong fan of WWE and comics, who has worked at, and written numerous books for, both WWE and DC Comics.”

This recent publication is not Steve Austin’s first foray into the world of literature. In 2004, WWE released ‘The Stone Cold Truth’, a New York Times bestseller following the life and career of Austin.

This new publication pays tribute to Austin’s legendary ‘Austin 3:16’ promo from King of the Ring 1996. The promo, delivered after a win against Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, would help launch Austin to main event status before becoming one of the biggest Superstars of all time.

During an interview with, Austin recalls the origin of ‘3:16’, and how everything came together whilst he was sitting backstage:

“As I was getting my lip stitched up following my match against Marc Mero, I was told that Jake Roberts just did an interview about me referencing “John 3:16.” I knew the verse, but I also remembered that at football games there was always a fan in the end zone holding up a sign that said “John 3:16.” So it was a pretty famous quote to begin with, and after I won the tournament it just came to me on the fly. To me, it was pure luck that “Austin 3:16” would become what it did.

When I did “Austin 3:16,” it wasn’t meant to be anti-religious or anything. In fact, I can’t tell you how many priests and nuns have asked me for my autograph throughout my career. There was nothing sacrilegious about it. “’Austin 3:16’ says I just whooped your ass” was prophetic, and it became a phrase that defined my career. It is still one of the most popular phrases in WWE history. And anyone who doesn’t like it can piss off.”

You can preorder ‘Austin 3:16: 316 Facts and Stories about Stone Cold Steve Austin’ here.