New Rules In Vince McMahon’s WWE Contract Revealed

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon earnings

Just days before WWE’s huge deal with Endeavor was announced, Vince McMahon signed a new contract with the company.

The employment agreement was backdated to January 9th, which was when he was reinstated as Executive Chairman.

McMahon’s return in January came after he ‘retired’ back in July 2022 surrounded by allegations of sexual misconduct.

It was alleged that McMahon made a series of “hush money” payments to multiple women to suppress the claims. Among the allegations were claims that McMahon paid a former wrestler $7.5 million after she said that he had coerced her into giving him oral sex.

Meanwhile, a little over ten days after returning to WWE in January 2023, McMahon reached a settlement with former referee Rita Chatterton. The settlement was in relation to a 1986 incident where Chatterton alleged that she was raped by McMahon.

Interestingly, as part of McMahon’s new WWE deal, he will have to adhere to the company’s Conflict of Interest Code of Conduct.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that the SEC filing confirming his contract states:

“McMahon’s continued employment shall be conditioned on” compliance with the company’s “Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct,” as well as its “Equal Opportunity and Non-Harassment Policy,” among other terms.”

Vince McMahon To Lost Significant Amount Of Control Over WWE

As part of WWE’s new deal with Endeavor, it will merge with UFC and a new company will be created. Although Vince McMahon will be the Executive Chairman of this new company, his influence over WWE shareholders will be diminishing.

A recent report estimates that McMahon will own around 18% of all shares in the new company with Stephanie McMahon holding 1.2% and Linda McMahon holding 0.4%.