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New Report Sheds More Light On The AEW Debut Of CM Punk

CM Punk

As you might have already heard CM Punk returned to wrestling after a seven-year absence with a jaw-dropping debut on AEW Rampage.

The 20th of August 2021 will live in wrestling folklore for all time as Punk made his heavily rumoured AEW debut in his hometown of Chicago in front of a packed United Center.

As AEW Rampage went on the air, the CM Punk chants were already filling the arena as the electric atmosphere reverberated through television sets all over the world. When the familiar strains of ‘Cult Of Personality’ hit, Chicago came unglued, reaching a deafening fever pitch when Punk emerged as nonchalantly as he could muster on to the stage.

Fightful Select has reported more details surrounding Punk’s internet-breaking debut, saying that talent within AEW had – much like the rest of the wrestling world – been discussing the former WWE Champion’s arrival for weeks but Tony Khan never told anybody outright that Punk was going to show up until he was in the building. For that time Punk was only referred to as a “guest.”

Fightful also noted that Punk was seen to be happy, and easy to talk to as well as get along with backstage. He wasn’t hidden as some surprise stars are and was seen taking pictures backstage before the show.

Punk’s debut was said to be a backstage sell out with many members of the roster gathering by the curtain or the monitors backstage to get a glimpse of the magical moment for themselves.

As part of the full-time AEW roster, Punk also reportedly took promo photographs and even went out with friends after the show. It was noted that not all the AEW stars were at Rampage in Chicago and some will meet CM Punk for the first time at AEW Dynamite in Milwaukee.