New Report On WWE Releases – “Vince Has Got Nothing For Them”

Vince McMahon

A new report has attempted to shed some light on the latest round of WWE releases.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that the departures came because Vince McMahon simply didn’t have any creative plans for those involved.

Among the Superstars most recently released were Braun Strowman and Aleister Black.

Reflecting on the departures, Meltzer noted that the company were cutting back, adding that “Vince decided that he’s got nothing for them.”

“Everything’s different. I mean, obviously, they’re cutting back. They made a list and these were guys that Vince decided that he’s got nothing for them and so that’s who he decided to cut. I think a lot of people were surprised by Strowman. I think that the couple of things…”

Co-host Bryan Alvarez then suggested that if that were the case, then “30 guys” could have been cut. Meltzer followed up, adding that “these are the 6 he chose.”

News of the latest WWE releases has also sparked speculation that the company may be sold.

Reflecting on the departures on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that there are a lot of people within WWE who believe that the cuts are linked to a potential sale.

“They don’t need to cut anybody. So what’s the crux of all of this? Okay, I’m not saying this inside information. I have no idea. But I do know it. I guess if you want to report this, you can. There are a lot of people in WWE, in and around the business, fans – It’s no secret. Everybody believes Nick Khan is setting this company up to be sold.”

The most recent departures come after a series of releases going back to April 15th.

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