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New Report On What Riddle Was Meant To Say On Raw


New reports have suggested that Riddle has been praised by Vince McMahon after the United States Champion forgot his lines on Raw.

In a backstage segment on the 29th of March edition of WWE’s flagship show, Riddle was seen with Raw Women’s Champion Asuka.

After talking to Asuka about his scooter and then asking if she thought scooters would be popular in Japan, Riddle appeared to draw a blank. He apologised, then commented that he had forgotten what he was going to say before scooting off. Asuka was left standing alone, looking perplexed at the improvised change of plan.

Riddle And Asuka Both Praised

A new report from Fightful Select states that both WWE Superstars earned praise for the segment. Asuka seemingly earned plaudits for her reaction to the on-the-fly change.

The report also stated that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon found “the situation hilarious and was happy with how things turned out.” With Riddle earning particular acclaim from McMahon.

Reportedly, Riddle was going to talk about all things Japanese with Asuka in the original plan. Commenting on everything from Mount Fuji to underground robot fighting. But this never came to pass as the US Champion came up blank on the scripted lines.

This is not the first time a WWE Superstar has had an issue with promos on live television. In an infamous moment on the inaugural In Your House pay-per-view in May 1995. Sycho Sid blundered during an interview with Jim Ross. After Sid’s manager Ted Dibiase did most of the talking, Sid then attempted to add a thought of his own. Sid memorably tripped over his words before asking to do it again as Ross told him “it’s live pal.”

Jim Cornette has given his thoughts on Riddle’s backstage faux-pas and noted that the Vince McMahon he knew in the nineties would have had a very different reaction.

Credit: Fightful Select