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New Report On Issues Faced By International Stars Released By WWE

The IIconics Buddy Murphy WWE

A new report has shed light on the difficulties faced by international superstars once they have been let go by WWE and potentially other companies in the United States.

The issue has found prominence in recent months as international talents such as The IIconics, Buddy Murphy, and Bronson Reed are among those that have been released from their WWE contracts.

Both Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay – formerly Peyton Royce and Billie Kay – have discussed being unable to earn money following their release due to visa stipulations. The pair started their own podcast but stated on an episode of Off Her Chops that they were doing that to keep their names in the public eye until such time as they could begin making money from that and other ventures.

Fellow Australian Buddy Murphy has touched on the subject after he received a panicked phone call from the WWE office enquiring if he had a thirty-day non-compete clause or the standard main roster ninety-day deal. Murphy was relieved to find his contract had the ninety-day clause which he says gave him more time to make arrangements to stay in the US.

Now Fightful Select has reported on the issue saying that most non-US citizens released with a ninety-day clause have those ninety days plus a further sixty days before they have to return to their country of origin. It is noted that the sixty days are a grace period for workers to find more work or make necessary preparations.

The report also notes that the visa situation is a “major point of concern” among many of the stars they have spoken to – even those that are likely to be snapped up by another company.

One such international star that has made a seamless transition to another company following his WWE release is Malakai Black. Black was the star WWE was trying to get hold of rather than Buddy Murphy as it was the Dutchman who only had a thirty-day non-compete clause that allowed him to debut for AEW at the start of July.