New Plans For AEW Rampage Revealed

AEW Rampage set

AEW’s weekly schedule is set to undergo its biggest changes since the launch of Rampage back in August 2021.

Until recently, AEW aired Dynamite on Wednesday nights and Rampage on Fridays, while Dark and Dark: Elevation aired on YouTube. Reality show AEW All Access also currently airs directly following Dynamite. Being The Elite also continues to be featured on YouTube while this is tied to Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, more than All Elite Wrestling as a whole.

However, on June 17th it has been reported that AEW will launch Collision, a new live Saturday night television show. The new show will reportedly be treated as an equal to Dynamite. Linked in with the launch is the return to the company of CM Punk. The former World Champion is believed to be making his comeback on the debut episode of Collision at the United Center in Chicago.

With the launch of the new show, it has been reported that AEW Dark and Dark: Elevation have been canceled. These shows had traditionally been used as a showcase for younger talent and those on the independent scene. Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer stated that this role will now be fulfilled by Rampage.

“Rampage will turn into what Dark and Dark Elevation were, more to showcase younger talent. The idea right now is for Dynamite and Rampage to tape together on Wednesday nights and Collision and ROH to tape together on Saturday nights.”

More Details Emerge About AEW Roster Split

In addition to CM Punk coming back and Collision being launched, it was reported that AEW’s roster would be split between Dynamite and the new show. However, while that remains true, the split is said to be a lot more fluid than previously believed.

It has been reported that CM Punk will still feature on Dynamite despite being the star of Collision. However, when he does so, those wrestlers with whom he has issues will feature on Collision.