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New NXT Tag Team Champions Crowned At NXT In Your House

NXT In Your House layered

New NXT Tag Team Champions have been crowned at NXT In Your House as the reign of Pretty Deadly comes to a shuddering halt.

The rivalry between the Creed Brothers and Pretty Deadly was always destined to be more than simply business. Before Kit Wilson & Elton Prince even made their in-ring debuts, they attacked the Creed’s in the parking lot and destroyed the Diamond Mine Dojo.

Back in April, the two teams finally shared the ring after the Creed Brothers seemed on course to win the Tag Team Titles as they dominated a gauntlet match after MSK vacated the titles. However, with victory in sight, the pair we thwarted by Pretty Deadly who claimed the win and the gold.

Although the Creed’s have been distracted by problems within the Diamond Mine in recent weeks, by the time they arrived at In Your House they were laser focus. As the pair entered first, they saluted their family at ringside, a move which only seemed to further solidify their resolve.

While the Creeds were initially in the ascendency, the match turned after Julius was felled by a double-Spinebuster on the steel steps. From here Pretty Deadly isolated the star, but he eventually made the hottest of hot tags to Brutus who took the fight to the champions.

As the match neared it’s finale, one of the title belts got thrown into the ring, straight into the arms of Julius. The challenger took a good, hard look at the gold, before looking at his father at ringside. This seemed to make up his mind that he had to win the ‘right way.’

Brutus flattened Wilson leaving Julius Creed to hit a Shooting Star Press that defied logic, science and gravity. He quickly followed it up with the Sliding D to claim an emotional win.

After the match the first time champions celebrated with their family at ringside.