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New Japan Gave Lio Rush Permission To Sign With AEW

Lio Rush

A new report has suggested that New Japan Pro Wrestling gave Lio Rush permission to sign with AEW.

Rush made a shocking debut with AEW at Double or Nothing in May appearing as the Joker in the Casino Battle Royal.

Lio Rush entered the match in typical whirlwind style delivering an array of dazzling offence. After laying out everyone in the match, Rush was eventually eliminated by Matt Hardy.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio,, Dave Meltzer noted that Rush’s main employer NJPW gave him permission to do a deal with AEW. Meltzer went on to explain that this could be a good sign with regard to the relationship between the two companies.

“An interesting story is that New Japan gave AEW the okay to sign him. I mean, New Japan would have priority on the dates. But originally, the nature of the New Japan contract was that he could work for AEW, he could work for MLW, he could do indies – whatever. But New Japan would have the first priority and New Japan also had the right to turn stuff down but they weren’t going to do that. But they gave him permission to sign with an American with AEW which also is very important politically because the fact that New Japan would give someone, who they have under contract, the okay to sign with AEW tells me that New Japan, at this point today, believes that they are going to be in business with AEW and not WWE. So that’s actually a pretty important part of this story too.”

Shortly after his brief stop off in AEW Rush announced his retirement from professional wrestling. Writing on social media, the former WWE Superstar revealed that his decision was motivated by injury problems.

In the statement, Lio Rush says he’ll fulfil his final NJPW obligations after healing from his injury.

After enjoying a fine run on the independent scene, Rush signed with WWE in 2017. Despite winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, Rush was released in April 2020. Since leaving the company the high flyer has competed in mainly in MLW and New Japan Pro Wrestling.