New Interim AEW Women’s Champion Crowned At AEW Full Gear 2022

Toni Storm with Interim AEW Women's World Title

Toni Storm has been a dominant champion since winning the Interim AEW Women’s Title, but her run is finally over.

The champion had been at war with Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter and Rebel for months, but despite always finding a way to win, she couldn’t defeat the odds one more time.

Toni Storm’s Resistance Broken By New Interim AEW Women’s Champion

While Storm was a popular winner when she captured the title in September, the Newark, New Jersey crowd were fully behind Jamie Hayter in her quest for championship gold.

The pair began the match with more conventional wrestling before the contest broke down into an all-out brawl. Storm ended up bloodied part way through and that only added to the drama. The longer the match went, the harder-hitting it became.

As the battle hit the home-stretch there were shenanigans aplenty with Rebel sneaking to the ring. However, referee Paul Turner threw her out. Back in the ring, Storm hit the challenger with a stunningly stiff Lariat for a two-count, before the champion fell to the outside following a missed Hip Attack. Once on the floor, she was hit with a Curb Stomp onto the title belt from a hooded Britt Baker.

Hayter tried to hammer home her advantage with a Storm Zero but the champion kicked out. Storm responded by hitting a Storm Zero of her own, but this time Hayter kicked out. At this Baker removed the turnbuckle pad and covered it with the title belt.

Storm sent Hayter into the corner knocking Baker to the floor, but the British star pushed the champion into the exposed turnbuckle. Hayter quickly followed up with the Hayter-Ade to grab the win.

The creation of the Interim AEW Women’s Championship was shrouded in controversy, and sent shockwaves through the women’s division that are still being felt today.

Thunder Rosa had been due to defend her AEW Women’s Title against Toni Storm at All Out, but was forced to withdraw through injury. At the event, Storm won a Four-Way-Match to claim the Interim Title. However, in recent says she called for Thunder Rosa to be stripped of her Women’s Title if she was unable to wrestle.

At time of writing there is no news on when the AEW Women’s World Champion will return to the ring.