New Insight Into Relationship Between CM Punk And The Elite

CM Punk

Although it had been believed by many that CM Punk would no longer be part of AEW, he will soon be available for a remarkable return.

It was reported on February 8th that Punk will be ready to return in two months should Tony Khan and the company decide to use him. However, there remains no guarantee that this would be the case.

This news set off a fresh load of speculation about the relationship between CM Punk and The Elite, and to a lesser extent Hangman Adam Page. Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks, and Page were among those that Punk targeted in the post-All Out press conference, while things got physical between Punk, Ace Steel, and The Elite. The result was suspensions all around, pending an investigation, while Steel eventually left the company altogether.

With Punk seemingly nearing a potential return to the ring after undergoing triceps surgery fans have begun to wonder whether steps may have been taken to repair the broken relationships that led to this point.

Although if fans were hoping there has been some kind of reconciliation they could well be disappointed. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that there have been no fences mended between the two sides.

“A lot of damage done, there’s a lot of mending of fences that needs to be done, and there’s been no mending of fences. At all.

It’s a big situation, because Punk could be back in two months, then there’s a decision. That’s gonna be a big story, how that goes down, or doesn’t go down.”

Could CM Punk Return To WWE?

Following the incident at All Out there had been talk of CM Punk completing a stunning and unlikely return to WWE. However, that speculation has died down in recent weeks, with Seth Rollins recently describing the star as “cancer” and urging him to stay away. Back in January, CM Punk took aim at AEW and MJF on social media, calling out the company and their World Champion over the current television ratings.

On Punk’s side, he recently shared a post on social media from Hip Hop legend Ice-T discussing the idea of forgiving people from a distance.

H/t to WrestleTalk