New Details From WWE’s Recent Talent Meeting

Triple H Stephanie McMahon WWE

Further details have now emerged from the WWE talent meeting held by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon before Money In The Bank.

WWE is currently going through a period of unprecedented uncertainty following the news that Vince McMahon was stepping back as company Chairman and CEO in the wake of an investigation into him surrounding payoffs and misconduct allegations.

Stephanie McMahon has been named interim WWE Chairwoman and CEO and Triple H has declared that he’s “back” after he stepped back from his own role following heart surgery in the second half of 2021.

A company-wide talent meeting was held before Money In The Bank with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and WWE President Nick Khan all in attendance.

Fightful Select has followed up on initial reports of a positive meeting with some new details. McMahon told talents that her door was always open and closed the meeting by thanking everyone for attending. A tenured talent said that it was simply a staff meeting and the topics covered was information widely already known.

PWInsider reported that they were told it was a “rah-rah” meeting that affirmed that everyone is a big family working together for the company to succeed. Interestingly, despite Nick Khan being at the meeting, it was only Stephanie McMahon and Triple H who spoke, with the latter reiterating that he is back on full-time duties in the company.