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New Day Brodie Lee Tribute Gear Raises $11K For Foodlink New York

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Posting on social media, Big E has revealed that the Brodie Lee inspired gear that the New Day wore at the 2021 Royal Rumble has raised over $11,000 at auction for Foodlink New York.

Speaking in a video posted to Twitter, the WWE Intercontinental Champion thanked fans for their efforts and paid tribute to Brodie Lee. Writing alongside the video clip, Big E revealed that the auction raised a total of $11,354.37

“I just wanted to take some time to say thank you everyone who took part in our auction and gave to Foodlink New York, it’s officially over. We auctioned off our Royal Rumble gear which was made in tribute to our friend, our brother, our beloved Brodie, aka John Huber, aka Luke Harper, a man of many names. But for me, it was a way to honour someone that we love very, very much and will always miss. And I hope that for us, it’s just finding ways, to find some silver lining out of a great loss, of the pain, of just a really awful moment in our lives, is to find some good out of all that. And you all helped make that possible. So i just wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped spread the word, who gave directly, you brought gear, it’s all for a great cause, and let’s keep doing good. So thank you.”

Speaking at the time of the Royal Rumble Big E explained why the New Day had decided to get the special ring gear made.

“This is honouring someone who meant a lot to us. Love Brodie. We’ll always love Brodie. We’ll never forget him and always do our best to honour him in one way or another. So it’s not like a one week, two-week thing, no. That’s family, that’s my brother so it’s just doing something to honour him and we hope we do him justice, we hope we do his memory justice, so that’s all we wanna do.”

The wrestling world was shocked to it’s core in December 2020 when Brodie Lee’s death was announced. Stories and memories from Lee’s friends and colleagues quickly flooded in and offered an insight into how beloved Lee was.

AEW later ran a ‘Brodie Lee Celebration of Life’ episode of Dynamite which featured members of Lee’s Dark Order in every match.