New Company Encompassing WWE And UFC Given Name, Expected To Change


On April 3rd, 2023, the landscape of professional wrestling changed forever when it was announced that WWE had agreed a deal with Endeavor.

The move will see the sports entertainment giant sold to Endeavor and then merged with UFC to create a new company. The sale and subsequent merger are expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

In another step towards the finalisation of that deal, the new company made of up WWE and UFC has been given a name, albeit temporarily. According to a new SEC filing made by WWE, the company is now known as New Whale Inc, although this is expected to be changed when the deal is completed.

It has also been confirmed that the company’s board will be made up of 11 people, with five coming from WWE including two from their management team. The six other members will come from Endeavor with three from their management team.

Both Vince McMahon and Ari Emanuel will be part of the board.

You can find the full SEC filing here, and a short excerpt below.

*The registrant is currently named New Whale Inc. The registrant plans to change its name to “[ ]” following the effective date of this registration statement and completion of the transactions described therein.

WWE To Make “Aggressive” Cuts

While the deal resolving the future of WWE is yet to be confirmed and fully ratified, the company has already outlined plans to significantly cut costs. Speaking in April, Nick Khan stated that the company would be making aggressive cuts in order to make savings worth at least $50 million.