New AEW World Tag Team Champions Crowned on Dynamite

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After a competitive main-event match filled with action and drama, The Gunns – Austin and Colten – are the new AEW World Tag Team Champions.

Prior to the title match, Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed cut a promo explaining that the three of them came to a decision for Billy to not involve himself in the match. As such Billy didn’t accompany the champions down to the ring as he usually did.

The champions controlled most of the match until a critical turning point occurred. One of the champions hit the referee with a rolling elbow which was meant for one of their challengers.

AEW World Tag Team Titles change hands on February 8th Dynamite

With the referee down, the Gunns grabbed the title belts and intended to use them as weapons. But before they could do anything, Billy Gunn changed his mind and came down to keep things even between his biological sons and his adopted sons.

However, Austin and Colten proved that glory meant more to them than family as they blasted Billy with a belt shot. The Acclaimed duo tried to rally back and even managed to hit their tag team finisher, but the referee was still knocked out by that errant elbow.

As the champions struggled to get the referee into the ring and make him count, the Gunns continued their cheating ways, which culminated in a successful belt shot to the head and a three-count to win them the title belts.

With this win the Gunns become the 10th team to win the AEW World Tag Team Championships. The Acclaimed’s reign ended at 140 days, which was the fourth longest in the title’s history.

The only teams to have longer reigns than the Acclaimed were Jurassic Express (161 days), Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (228 days), and The Young Bucks’ first reign (302 days).