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“He’ll Never Go Away” – Jim Cornette On Vince McMahon

Jim Cornette Vince McMahon

Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on why Vince McMahon appeared on Raw and says the former CEO is never going away despite allegations against him.

Though he is currently under investigation by the WWE Board of Directors and has officially stepped down from his duties as WWE CEO, Vince McMahon hasn’t shied away from the public eye, and made appearances on the most recent episodes of both Raw and SmackDown.

In a breaking news audio update on his YouTube channel, Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on McMahon refusing to stay out of the limelight, saying that his motivations for making a second appearance on Raw were twofold.

“So then we did the breaking news update on Saturday morning because Vince was on SmackDown on Friday night, and he came out there, and it was very short and sweet, and what I said, the summation that I gave of that knowing Vince McMahon as I do – we’re still on each other’s Christmas card lists – I said there was two main reasons he did that and two main audiences.

“One, I said I can see him reacting like the president in the movies when the terrorists attack, ‘The people gotta see me.’ He went out there and made sure that the stockholders knew for the stock price he was still around, and also to put it in the face of the people who were leveling these perpetrations and allegations.

“And secondly, personally, that was business, and personally he did it for those fans, because he went out there and he reminded them subliminally in that perfect psychological way he’s got that ‘I gave you all this. I created all this. It’s all mine and I allowed you to share it and you love it. You revel in it! You roll in it like a pig in slop! And it’s me, me, me, I did this!'”

Jim Cornette continued, teasing that his co-host Brian Last had almost convinced him that McMahon was saying goodbye to the WWE Universe during his SmackDown appearance, but that he knew better.

“By the time it was over I was like ‘maybe he did,’ even though I know Vince McMahon would rather have both of his testicles cut off and fed to a pelican on Long Island before he would give up the WWE, and he would claw and kick and scratch to stay on that television program.”

The two then joked about the possibility of Vince McMahon showing up anywhere following his surprise Raw appearance before turning to the subliminal tricks Cornette believes McMahon is playing on his audience.

“As you can tell now, it’s the inoffensive caricature of the Mr. McMahon swagger when he comes out, because now he wants to subliminally paint the thought in people’s minds as they’re observing that he’s a beloved iconic figure now, no more of the heel that’s gonna f*ckin do horrible perverse things to their favorite wrestlers, you know in the search of money and greed and power.”

After discussing the fact that the audience is responding just as McMahon wants and praising him when he makes these appearances, Jim Cornette continued.

“The point is, he’s not rolling over, he’s not playing dead, he’s not going gently into that good night. He’s not gonna take a midnight train to Georgia. I was right all along; nobody’s taking the WWE away from Vince McMahon without a tussle and a hustle, and you had him saying goodbye…”

Jim Cornette then detailed the difference between himself and Vince McMahon, saying that he’s far more content to live life outside of wrestling than the former CEO.

“He’ll never go away, and the difference between me and Vince, besides you know, the billion dollars and variety of other differences, is I’m so happy to go out into my yard with a pole saw and a limb lopper and just nobody knows what the f*ck I’m doing or where I’m at….

“Vince don’t wanna f*king go anywhere and if his life is not a g*d*** major motion picture three times a year, he’s bored.”

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