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“Neither One Are Doing Anything That Hasn’t Been Done Before” – Eric Bischoff On WWE And AEW

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Eric Bischoff is back and better than ever, this time revealing, in his opinion, what both WWE and AEW are doing wrong with their current television output.

While both companies come under regular scrutiny for little mistakes, it isn’t often they’re accused of missing out on the same thing. That is exactly what Eric Bischoff highlighted when talking about where both promotions are missing out.

Speaking to Everything Is…, the man who saved WCW and turned it into a legitimate contender with the then World Wrestling Federation put both companies under the spotlight and made a startling statement when asked what the biggest mistake either or both were making:

“I will say this– this is gonna not go over well, and it may be certain that I never got a phone call from AEW again or WWE because I’m gonna criticize them both for the same thing. Neither one of them are growing the audience.

Neither one of them are doing anything new that hasn’t been done before. At least not doing anything big enough or new enough that they’re not growing the audience. AEW is hanging onto the same 7-800,000 viewers. Every once in a while, they’ll get a little more than that. Every once in a while, they’ll get a little less than that. But they’re hanging on to that same – let’s call it 800,000 viewer average – that they had last year at this time, before COVID.

WWE is barely hanging onto their audience; their audience is deteriorating. Neither group is doing anything to revolutionize or grow the business.”

WWE fans will argue that Eric Bischoff’s point in null and void and be able to point to a plethora of changes the company has made in order to take steps towards being the revolutionary company which spawned the Attitude Era.

AEW devotees will put forth the argument that while the company have things to improve on, their promotion is revolutionary in itself, providing the most legitimate competition to WWE since the era of World Championship Wrestling.

Eric Bischoff carried on and when he asked if he was impressed with either product despite his comments, he revealed that while AEW gives him the most pleasure having appeared on their product twice, WWE do several things better:

“I’m pretty impressed with [AEW], yeah, for different reasons. I said this a long time ago before I ever went back to work for WWE and I’m gonna say it again right now – WWE is so good at live event production. Nobody does it better than WWE. The problem is, they do it too well. When I watch WWE, if I drop in on a Monday Night Raw, it doesn’t feel live to me. It’s shot so well, it’s so clean, the production values are so high, there are no mistakes, there are no flaws minor or otherwise. It’s just so perfect that it doesn’t feel live.

What I like about AEW is that it feels live to me. They don’t stress the production values above all else. It’s the action in the ring. I love the way they do some of their interviews, not all. The stories feel a little more real and organic to me.”

Eric Bischoff last appeared on AEW television prior to Full Gear on November 7, meditating the Town Hall Meeting between MJF and Chris Jericho. The outcome was that if MJF defeated Chris Jericho at the pay-per-view, he would become part of The Inner Circle.

Credit for the interview: Everything Is…

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.