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Natalya – “Vince McMahon Has Always Made Time For Me”


Natalya has explained her relationship with Vince McMahon and says the fact she can discuss things with the WWE Chairman is one of the best things about working for the company.

Natalya is a veteran of the WWE locker room beginning an unbroken tenure with the company in 2007. A third-generation superstar and member of the esteemed Hart family, the former Divas Champion is no stranger to the backstage machinations of the wrestling business.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on the Out Of Character podcast, Natalya spoke about being able to discuss things with Vince McMahon. Noting that he always makes time to listen to her.

Natalya stated:

“At the end of the day, one of my most treasured things about working in WWE is that I know, when all else fails, I can always knock on Vince McMahon’s door and say to him, ‘Hey, I have an idea, what do you think?'”

“In my entire time being in WWE, Vince has always made time for me. Being as busy as he is and being in the position he is, he’s always heard me out. He’s always listened, said ‘yes,’ said ‘no,’ said why he liked it or didn’t like it, but I always felt I had a voice.”

“I would go through the proper channels. Fit Finlay is someone I would always bounce ideas off of. I would always bounce ideas off him and different writers, but when I couldn’t get answers, I could always talk to Vince. I know that takes time to build that relationship, but it’s always been that mutual understanding. Vince trusts me and trusts that I won’t let him down. He’s there and accessible if we need to talk to him. That’s been something I’ve kept through my whole career. I don’t want to abuse it, but when I need to go to him, I know I can.”

Natalya recently competed on back-to-back nights at WrestleMania 37. On WrestleMania Saturday she and Tamina won a match to earn a Women’s Tag Team Title bout on Sunday. The duo were unsuccessful in that match, with Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax retaining their championship.

Credit: Out Of Character

h/t Fightful for the transcription