Natalya Provides Tyson Kidd Injury Update: “He’s In A Really, Really Good Place.”

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Former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Natalya, has given a definitive update on the condition of her husband Tyson Kidd.

The former WWE Raw Tag Team Champion has not competed inside a ring since 2015 when he suffered a career-ending neck injury in a Dark Match against Samoa Joe. However, rumours became rife about a possible return earlier this year.

What fueled the rumours was a video posted by ‘The Queen of Harts’ of her spouse running the ropes inside a ring, dressed as if he was back in training. The conclusion was jumped to that if Edge could make a return from his ills then it would also be possible for Tyson to do the same.

Recently, Natalya appeared on Table Talk w/D-Von to discuss her husband’s neck injury and his current role as WWE Producer.

When questioned about the injury that forced him to step away from the squared circle, Natalya had this to say:

“Good! It’s really good! I probably worry about TJ’s neck more than he does just because I’m very protective of him, and TJ is good. I mean, he’s in a really, really good place. He absolutely loves being a producer in WWE – he’s good, he’s doing great. He’s healthy.”

The interview then turned to Kidd’s role as producer and what his duties entailed:

“I’ve had a different appreciation for the producers because TJ is a producer. He’s been a producer for a few years, and it is probably one of the hardest jobs, if not the hardest job, in the company because there’s just so many things that I see that TJ has to do and balance. It’s just a balancing act all day. So while we as the wrestlers, as the talent, we may be only focusing on one thing – our match – the producers have so many other thing that they’re focusing on, and they’re also producing multiple matches. They’re dealing with multiple people. They’re making sure, ‘Okay, we got to make sure this prop is there and this table is set up’, and, ‘everybody knows this.’ I mean, again, you think about D-Von, and Shawn Michaels, and Triple H. It’s hard though because the producers literally got to see everything differently than they’ve ever seen it before. So it’s a balancing act, and I give the producers so much credit because if we make a mistake in the ring, sometimes we don’t get in trouble but the producers will get, ‘Hey, why did that happen?’ Again, this is kind of inside talk, but it is challenging and I know TJ loves it.”

Trained in the legendary Hart Dungeon which churned out legends such as Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart and Owen Hart and helped to refine the skills of countless others, Tyson Kidd is a former two time WWE Raw Tag Team Champion and found success in teams with Davey Boy Smith Jr. as The Hart Dynasty, Justin Gabriel and Cesaro.

Credit for the interview: Table Talk w/D-Von

h/t for the transcription to Wrestling Inc