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Natalya Compares WWE Star To A Wild Wombat


Natalya has compared one of her rivals on SmackDown to a wild wombat, as they’re vicious and moody animals.

Ahead of her SmackDown Women’s Title Match against Ronda Rousey at Money In The Bank, Natalya paid a visit to Dr. Beau Hightower. While the number one contender was undergoing treatment, she discussed what it was like to share a ring with the former UFC star.

Natalya described wrestling Rousey as intense, before jokingly comparing her to a wild wombat.

“It’s really intense. Ronda is not a joke. In every sense of the word, she’s as real as it gets and it hurts, that’s why I’m with you right now. I’m really putting my body through it. It hurts, actually, to put the sharpshooter on her because she’s like a wild wombat,” she said with a laugh. “They are vicious, wild, moody animals.”

In the video, Natalya has extensive work done on her adductor magnus (largest muscle in the thigh) which she said she aggravated in a tussle with her rival.

“This is my adductor magnus. What’s going on? I strained it. It was doing great until I worked with Ronda again tonight and I just jammed it again, I don’t know what’s going on. It was totally fine, the last two or three days, it felt really good and I kind of strained it again tonight. I’m so fricking sick of this adductor magnus. I’ve had four different people working on my crotch in the last week trying to get this thing right. I’ve had IcyHot, THC balm, everything you can imagine,”

Ronda Rousey and her next challenger recently exchanged a couple of heated messages on social media, as tension builds ahead of their clash at Money In The Bank. Rousey aimed a couple of digs at Natalya and her sister for having a subscription website for ‘exclusive content,’ while the Queen of Harts shot back, hitting out at the star’s sharing of controversial conspiracy theories.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.