Mystery Member Of The Brawling Brutes Revealed Ahead Of Survivor Series

WWE Survivor Series logo

With Survivor Series just around the corner, the opening segment of the November 18th edition of Friday Night SmackDown featured The Brawling Brutes were joined by Drew McIntyre. The Scottish star had some to their aid the previous week during their latest tussle with The Bloodline.

Sheamus explained the history between himself and Drew McIntyre, breaking down that while they’ve battled for 20 years, those battles have forged mutual respect. This led McIntyre to be the Best Man at the Irish star’s recent wedding.

For his part, McIntyre said that he knew more than most about being outnumbered by The Bloodline. The group were interrupted by Sami Zayn who made the bold decision to guarantee victory against The Brawling Brutes for The Bloodline.

Sheamus teased the identity of the fifth member of his team, commenting that it would be the last person that Zayn would expect.

Men’s WarGames Match For Survivor Series Confirmed

In the main event of the show Butch squared off against Zayn in the first round of the SmackDown World Cup. Aside from the action in the ring, it was chaos at ringside with the two factions going to war. In the end it was Butch who grabbed the win following hesitation from Zayn.

With a mass fight in full swing, Roman Reigns made his entrance hitting anything that moved on his way to the ring. There he found Drew McIntyre ready to go. The long-time rivals quickly got into a fight of their own, with bodies left laying everywhere.

This brought out Kevin Owens to a monster ovation, who came to even the score. Owens battled his way to the ring eventually going toe-to-toe with Reigns. KO had a brief stare down with former best friend-turned rival- Sami Zayn which allowed the Tribal Chief to gain the upper hand. However, it was Owens who ended the show standing tall after delivering a Stunner to Reigns.

It had been suggested that Kevin Owens participation in WarGames was in doubt after he suffered a knee injury on November 13th at a live event. However, it appears that the injury is not as bad as first feared.