“My Ride Or Die” – Sonya Deville Announces She’s Engaged [PHOTOS]

Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville announced that she and her partner Toni Cassano are officially engaged.

Speaking in an interview with People, the former WWE authority figure opened up about her relationship with Cassano, detailing how the two originally met last April when Cassano agreed to come to one of her shows.

“This is going to sound really cheesy, but I knew [she was the one] the second I saw her.

“I got her a front-row ticket to my show, and I was going to take her out to dinner after. But I didn’t have time to meet her before the show, so the first time I ever saw Toni was when I was coming out doing my entrance ready to wrestle and I looked into the crowd.”

The WWE show went too late for the pair to make dinner reservations, so according to People, they went to a random dive bar and talked until 5am while eating pizza. Deville says she fell in love instantly.

“I was instantly like, ‘This girl is the love of my life.’

“She just had the most grounded, cool energy and just was so beautiful, but you could tell she doesn’t know it. She’s just so cool and humble, and I was just like, ‘This is my girl.'”

Sonya Deville’s Fiancée Toni Cassano Surprised Her During Their Engagement

Sonya Deville proposed to her girlfriend at a wine cellar in Towaco, NJ. She involved Cassano’s two daughters in the process, wanting the moment to be special surprise for all of them. However, Deville was in for a surprise of her own when Cassano pulled out a ring box from her purse, revealing that she’d had a ring for months so she could present Deville with a ring in return when she eventually popped the question.

“I proposed, then Toni’s like, ‘Grab my purse.’ And she pulls out a freaking ring box, and she’s like, ‘I’ve been carrying this around in my purse for four months. So whenever you proposed, I could give you a ring immediately back.'”

Continuing in the interview with People, Sonya Deville heaped praise on her partner, calling her both her “soul mate” and her “ride or die.”

“I could go on for days about the way I feel about this woman, I never knew love could feel so happy and safe all at the same time. I found my best friend, my soul mate and my life partner all in one incredible human. She is the epitome of my ride or die. To be able to show her and her two daughters how much they all mean to me was what this proposal was all about. They are my world and now we are one family forever together.”

The star also took to Instagram to post photos of the special moment.

While Sonya Deville has been lucky in love, she hasn’t fared quite so well inside the squared circle. The star hasn’t won a singles match since back in 2020, when she defeated Mandy Rose on the April 25th episode of SmackDown. The two became embroiled in a bitter feud that involved Deville cutting Mandy Rose’s hair, and it eventually led to a Loser Leaves WWE match that wrote Deville off television while she was dealing with a real-life home invasion.

Everyone at Inside the Ropes sends their warmest congratulations to Sonya Deville and Toni Cassano as they celebrate their engagement!