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MVP To Undergo Treatment For Knee Injury

MVP Thumb

According to PWInsider, leader of The Hurt Business, MVP suffered an extensive knee injury on the February 15 edition of Monday Night Raw.

Teaming with Hurt Business wards Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander to battle Riddle and Lucha House Party, the former WWE United States Champion was said to have blown out his knee late in the bout and could be seen requiring aid to reach the locker room following the affray.

Subsequent to the segment, MVP took to his Instagram account later that evening in order to post a picture of himself with crutches. While he was seen to make light of the grievance, the report states that the wound is worse than originally feared and the star has now taken a trip to Birmingham, Alabama, in order to visit the fabled Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Centre where many of his colleagues have been fixed prior.

At time of writing, there is currently no word on how much ring or television time Porter will miss though in his role of manager it is feasible that he will still be able to make appearances in a non-physical manner.

MVP has been integral to the success of The Hurt Business since the group’s formation, aiding Bobby Lashley in capturing and retaining the WWE United States Championship and guiding Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander to the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships.