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MVP Says Bobby Lashley Was The First To Have The Hurt Business Idea

NXT MVP Bobby Lashley

MVP has discussed his relationship with WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and says Lashley was the first one to have the idea of The Hurt Business.

MVP returned to WWE at the 2020 Royal Rumble after a decade away from the company. Four months later after the Money In The Bank pay-per-view in May, he aligned himself once more with Bobby Lashley.

The two men had been part of a faction during their time in TNA known as The Beat Down Clan. This group also included Samoa Joe, Kenny King, and Low Ki – together they helped Lashley win the TNA World Title.

Speaking to Corey Graves and Vic Joseph on the After The Bell podcast, the former United States Champion spoke about his partnership with The All Mighty Bobby Lashley.

MVP stated:

“Bobby Lashley and I have very natural chemistry. We are friends in real life and we play friends and business partners on television. It’s organic. Bobby, contrary to popular belief, had an idea for some time to do something like a Hurt Business. Bobby said for quite some time, actually, Bobby and Shelton discussed it.”

“When I came in, me and Bobby talked about it. Fortunately, Paul Heyman was on board, he was like let’s try it out. Me and Bobby discussed how we would like to go about it, and everybody said cool let’s give it a try. It was this seamless transition. I remember at the Performance Center, we shot a backstage vignette where I was asking Bobby ‘Hey when are you going to let Lashley out?’ We all go from that vignette, and the seeds were planted. It was historic for both me and Bobby.”

The Hurt Business grew to include Shelton Benjamin and then later Cedric Alexander. Benjamin and Alexander won the Raw Tag Team Title at the TLC event in December 2020 from The New Day. This coincided with Lashley holding the WWE United States Championship. Once Benjamin and Alexander lost their titles, a frustrated Lashley berated them and beat them up signalling the end of that version of The Hurt Business.

Credit: After The Bell

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