MVP Questions Controversial Vince McMahon Decision “Above His Paygrade”

Vince McMahon in WWE office

During his time running WWE and heading up creative, Vince McMahon was known for a serious ruthless streak. This meant that Superstars could fall from favour on a whim and fans were left baffled by seemingly random changes in creative direction.

One decision that left fans confused was the breaking up of the Hurt Business.

After falling just short of establishing himself as a main event star upon initially returning to WWE in 2018, Bobby Lashley’s fortunes changed in June 2020.

With the end of his poorly received on-screen relationship with Lana – CJ Perry – Lashley joined forces with MVP before the pair eventually recruited Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. Over the following months Lashley became WWE Champion and Alexander & Benjamin won the Raw Tag Team Titles.

However, come April 2021 the group was falling apart with Alexander and Benjamin kicked to the curb. The break-up of the group came as a surprise to fans who remained firmly behind the faction that had taken Bobby Lashley in particular to a whole new level.

Speaking during an appearance on Superstar Crossover with Josh Martinez, MVP has now revealed that it wasn’t only fans that were left wondering what was going on. The star said that the move left everyone left scratching their heads, but he’s committed to getting the group back together.

Vince McMahon makes decisions. That’s way above my pay grade. It was a decision that he made. Why he chose to do it? I have no idea, but it was his choice. He’s the boss — well, at the time, he was the boss, and that’s just how things go. We were all scratching our heads, but at the end of the day, I’m doing my best to try to get the team back together. Bobby’s being a little stubborn. I got Shelton and Cedric back on board with me, and I’m trying to get Bobby to come around. So, we’ll see if we can get The Hurt Business back in business.”

In recent weeks on Monday Night Raw, MVP has repeatedly tried to reunite with Bobby Lashley after already getting Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin back onside.

What Is Vince McMahon’s Job With WWE?

After retiring from his role with the company in July 2022 surrounded by allegations of serious sexual misconduct, Vince McMahon returned to WWE’s Board of Directors on January 6th. From here he was elected Executive Chairman while claiming that he was only returning to help with upcoming media rights negotiations and the sale of the company.

However, it was recently reported that McMahon is being seen as a “hindrance” to the sale process.

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