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MVP Credits Paul Heyman For Bobby Lashley Pairing

MVP & Bobby Lashley

Throughout Bobby Lashley’s recent ascent to the top of WWE, one man has been by side. MVP. Since being paired with Lashley, the former United States Champion has harnessed the powerhouse’s incredible natural skillset and moulded him into one of the most formidable Superstars in WWE.

Speaking to the Denver Post alongside the new champion, MVP has revealed that it was in fact Paul Heyman that had the idea to pair the two together.

“Fortunately Paul Heyman, who was in charge at the time creatively, he saw Bobby’s vision and he put us together and gave us an opportunity,”

The leader of The Hurt Business which is also home to WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, went on to add that the group has “broken through the glass ceiling” and is on the way into the stratosphere.

“We’re not at the upper echelon; we just broke through the proverbial glass ceiling,” Assad [MVP] said. “Now we’re moving into that upper stratosphere, but I think that judging what I see back on social media and people that I meet out and about … I believe The Hurt Business could be huge in the (wrestling) business.”

“We’ve only been together a year, so we’ve only scratched the surface.”

Meanwhile, Bobby Lashley has also been talking about the future of the group in recent weeks. The WWE Champion revealed that the faction are looking to add a female member to their ranks.