Mustafa Ali Wrestling With Knee Injury

Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali has revealed he is currently wrestling with a torn PCL in his knee and says it’s his biggest frustration in wrestling.

The RETRIBUTION leader was taking time to answer fan questions on Twitter. Ali was asked what his biggest frustration has been and how he deals with it. Ali replied:

“it’s right now actually. wrestling with a torn PCL is incredibly frustrating.”

The posterior cruciate ligament in the knee connects the thigh bone to the back of the shin bone. Causes of possible PCL injuries include falling forward onto a bent knee or taking a direct blow to the knee – daily hazards in the course of a professional wrestler.

Ali has not missed any ring time with this injury. As of Raw on March 1st he defeated the United Stated champion Riddle in one on one competition. The match came to a scary end when Ali attempted a backstabber onto Riddle from the top rope. The move didn’t work out as planned but was enough for Ali to get the win. Mustafa Ali later confirmed on Twitter that both men were ok.

Mustafa Ali returned from a 7-month absence to Raw in July 2020. In October he would reveal himself as the leader of RETRIBUTION – the group that had been causing chaos in WWE for weeks beforehand. The group has not had the best run in terms of victories in the ring. Ali let that frustration get the better of him recently on Raw, berating his teammates in the ring after another defeat.