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Mustafa Ali Sends Warning To Fans On Social Media

Mustafa Ali points to crowd

Mustafa Ali has sent a message to fans, warning them that he plans to “body” all of their favourite stars.

Back in January, Mustafa Ali posted a video on Twitter to announce that he had requested his release from WWE. The star hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since his loss to Drew McIntyre on the October 29th, 2021, edition of SmackDown.

Just days later, it was reported that the company had decided not to grant Ali’s request and that his current deal has “multiple years” remaining.

It has also been revealed that the former Retribution leader had decided to make the move after a “heated argument” with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon over Ali’s creative direction and lack of action in recent months.

Writing on social media back in February, Ali said he would see everyone in “two and a half years.” Seemingly a reference to the time remaining on his WWE contract.

Now, Mustafa Ali has once again taken to Twitter, this time to issue a warning to fans, saying that he will “body” all of their favourites.

“A humble and fair warning, as soon as all this gets sorted, I’m gonna absolutely body all of your faves.”

“Body” in this case is the term used by fighting videogame fans to mean dominating their opponent to the point where they are just a lifeless body.

On March 7th, Ali also cryptically posted the words “One day” following AEW Revolution. While the timing may be coincidental, many have speculated to mean he could become All Elite in future.