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Mustafa Ali Says Vince McMahon Told Him – “I Don’t Know If You Have It”

Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali has recalled a particularly brutal conversation with Vince McMahon where the WWE Chairman told him he was “too polished, too clean and too nice.”

High-flying Superstar Mustafa Ali made his first appearance in a WWE ring back in the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016, going on to wrestle in NXT before heading to 205! Live.

Despite being unable to capture the Cruiserweight Championship Ali moved to the main roster in December 2018 taking on Daniel Bryan, (Bryan Danielson). After competing at Survivor Series a year later, Ali disappeared from WWE television for seven months. Ali returned to Raw in July, later appearing on Main Event before heading back to the red brand as the leader of RETRIBUTION.

The group eventually disbanded in March which left Mustafa Ali to continue his rivalry with Ricochet on Main Event. When the two Superstars later went their separate ways, Ali teamed with Mansoor, before turning on his partner.

As part of the 2021 WWE Draft Mustafa Ali was drafted from Raw to SmackDown.

Speaking Alistair McGeorge of The Metro, before taking on Mansoor at Crown Jewel, Ali opened up about struggling to get a foothold on Raw after returning from his layoff. Ali said he was left scratching his head after returning to Raw only to then be moved onto main event. All of this led to a brutally honest conversation with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

“Even pre-pandemic, I was struggling to maintain television presence – and I know it was all character based.

When you pitch a million and one ideas as far as stories, characters, promos, this and that – and you always get told that you’re good, but then nothing happens – you start pointing the finger at everybody except for you.

After sitting at home for seven months and then finally coming back to Monday Night Raw, only to pick up a few victories and then to go back to not being on Monday Night Raw and now being stuck on Main Event, you’re kinda scratching your head.

Like, what have I gotta do? And then you realise, you’ve gotta go ask the hard questions. I went up to Vince McMahon himself and said, “What am I missing?” [He said], “Too polished, too clean, too nice, I don’t now if you have it in you!”

At WWE Crown Jewel Mustafa Ali took on Mansoor in a history making match-up. The bout marked the first time that two Muslim wrestlers had met in a singles match on pay-per-view.

After a fast and furious clash, Mansoor eventually claimed victory after hitting his Springboard Neck-breaker. However, after the match Ali sought revenge only to be interrupted by a mystery star.

The mysterious man then revealed himself to be taekwondo Olympic Silver Medallist Tarek Hamdi. The Olympian promptly kicked Ali in the head, leaving him laying to a thunderous cheer.