Mustafa Ali Shares Promo From Recently Nixed Storyline (Video)

Mustafa Ali

WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali has shared a video of a promo from a scrapped potential storyline that came off the back of his controversial comments following a recent loss.

On the 29th of October edition of SmackDown Mustafa Ali wrestled former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in one-on-one competition. The Scotsman made light work of Ali, submitting him to a kimura in just two minutes. The real story occurred after the contest when Ali took the microphone and accused the WWE fans of booing him simply because his name is Mustafa Ali.

Now, Ali has taken to social media to share a video of a follow-up promo and says whatever the plans were for his character now won’t be happening:

“a few weeks ago, i made a statement that some deemed controversial. my intentions were to bring a beautiful vision to life. unfortunately, for reasons beyond my control, i won’t be able to make that vision a reality. but i can share with you what could have been.”

In the video, a suited Mustafa Ali says:

“Good evening America. Tonight I need to discuss something that is of the utmost importance to our great nation. Something that I personally have been striving for my entire life and that is acceptance. You see, despite being born here in the United States Of America every day I have to prove to you that I belong.”

“So I didn’t correct you when you’d mispronounce my name because I didn’t want you to feel embarrassed. I was mindful of the clothes that I wore because I didn’t want you to think I looked suspicious. I lowered my head and said nothing when you would make jokes about what I look like or where I might be from.”

“I did all of this with the hopes that one day you would look at me and see your fellow American. But you didn’t. And the truth is you never will. Despite my greatest efforts to fix this problem, I realise this is a problem I cannot fix but I can overcome it and I will do just that.”

“I will do it by launching a campaign for a new America. You see, in this new America, it is your name that is just too hard to pronounce. It is you that looks suspicious, it is you that I do not accept, it is you that does not belong here. In this new America, there is nothing more American than someone that looks like me.”

“So to anyone out there that feels like a stranger in their own home, I want you to reach out, take my hand, believe that in Ali you can trust. Thank you, goodnight, and God bless our new America.”

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