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Mustafa Ali Shares Heartwarming Alicia Fox Story

Alicia Fox

Following the appearance of Alicia Fox on WWE Legends Night this past week on RAW, Mustafa Ali has taken to Twitter to share a heartwarming story about the former Divas Champion and how she looked after him on his first day in WWE as a local talent.

RETRIBUTION leader Ali would open up about how Alicia Fox would take him by the hand and look after him in terms of making sure he didn’t feel or act as lost as he admittedly says he looked.

“I saw @AliciaFoxyyesterday and wanted to tell everyone how incredible this woman is. The first time I was invited as an extra (local talent) to TV, I had no idea what to do or where to go. Foxxy realized this just by the look on my face. She walked up to me and said “I gotchu.”

She grabbed me by the hand and took me to everywhere I need to be. Got me checked in, told me what time to be at the ring, what to expect out of the day and made sure that I ate!

Yesterday I got to remind her of that. She didn’t need to help some nervous, extremely lost kid. But she did. A damn queen.”

Alicia Fox had been criticised across social media as being undeserving of the “legend” moniker, but the unkind remarks towards the first-ever Black talent to hold the WWE Divas Championship and 14-year ring veteran have been met with a huge outpouring of support and a celebration of Alicia Fox’s in-ring career, with several videos showing the former Total Divas star’s impressive trademark Northern Lights Suplex.

Alicia Fox’s appearance at Legends Night was the former WWE Divas Champion’s first appearance in WWE since the RAW Reunion, with her last match on RAW being against Becky Lynch in April 2019, with a tag team match alongside Tamina against The IIconics on Main Event, one week later, being Fox’s final match with the company.

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