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Mustafa Ali Revealed As Leader Of RETRIBUTION

Mustafa Ali poses with Mace and T-Bar of RETRIBUTION

On last nights episode of Monday Night RAW, Mustafa Ali took on ‘The Hurt Business’ leader MVP in singles action. Towards the climax of the match, MVP, Lashley and Benjamin began to corner Mustafa Ali before the lights around the Thunderdome turned to black and the trio of Slapjack, Mace and T-Bar appeared at ringside. Mustafa Ali initially aligned with ‘The Hurt Business’ standing shoulder to shoulder in an act of defiance against ‘RETRIBUTION’ before rolling out of the ring and staring down Mace. One menacing smile later, Mustafa stared down at ‘The Hurt Business’ and instructed ‘RETRIBUTION’ to “Get ’em”.

What followed, was an initially competitive beat-down before the numbers advantage of ‘RETRIBUTION’ allowed them to take control, attacking Lashley -in particular- with the steel ring steps before ‘RETRIBUTION’ along side new leader Mustafa Ali posed in ring, signalling lights out to the rest of the roster.

Earlier in the night, Lashley and Benjamin defeated the duo of Apollo Crews and Ricochet in tag team action following their refusal to join ‘The Hurt Business’. Ali then confronted his friends backstage following their match, instructing them to stay behind as he went out to take on MVP. It remains to be seen if Ricochet and Crews were aware of their friends involvement with ‘RETRIBUTION’.

Mustafa Ali has been feuding with Lashley and The Hurt Business since July this year and with the focus of the attack being heavily on Bobby Lashley, it is possible that there may be a United States Championship opportunity in the future for Mustafa Ali.

Ali is a fan favourite due to his extreme athleticism, in ring talent and also his incredible personality as a individual.

This may be the injection of lifeblood and legitimacy that ‘RETRIBUTION’ has been missing since their initial debut earlier in August this year.

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