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Mustafa Ali Responds To Injury Claims

Mustafa Ali making his entrance

Mustafa Ali has been working injured over the past couple of months, according to Wrestling Inc‘s Nick Hausman.

It’s reported that, during a match with Ricochet on the 28th of December edition of Raw, Mustafa Ali suffered a torn PCL. Despite tearing one of the main ligaments in his knee, the possibly-now-former leader of RETRIBUTION decided to work through the injury. He participated in the Royal Rumble Match, however his leg had locked by the time he got to the ring. Surviving just under 13 minutes, Ali underwent an MRI scan afterwards – with the original suggestion that surgery and rehabilitation would be needed.

However, Ali has taken to Twitter since these reports to refute that surgery is necessary:

“To clear some confusion, I am not getting surgery in the foreseeable future. I’ll be okay. Thanks.”

Over the last couple of months, the leader of Retribution has been berating and talking down on his other Retribution partners. The report from WINC commented that this aggressive behavior and anger from Ali was pitched to build to a big ‘blow-off’, disbanding the rebellious faction at Wrestlemania 37.

It has been suggested that Ali has been working through the injury ‘to allow the group to have a proper send-off at WrestleMania’. Ali lost to Matt Riddle for the United State Championship at Fastlane 2021, leading him to berating the faction.

We will continue to monitor the situation and report on the updates at ITRWrestling.com.