Mustafa Ali On RETRIBUTION – “Doing The Best With The Time We Get”

Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali has discussed his group RETRIBUTION and the difficulties the faction has had in explaining their mission in WWE.

RETRIBUTION comprises T-BAR, Slapjack, Mace and Reckoning, and their leader Ali. The group made its debut on Raw in August 2020. Ali would not be revealed as the leader of the group until two months later in October. At the same time, Ali was also revealed to have been the SmackDown hacker that was seen in the spring of 2020.

Speaking to TV Insider, Mustafa Ali discussed the challenges the group has had connecting with the audience. Ali reveals what he feels the biggest challenge the group has faced.

Ali explained:

“The talent is there. The biggest obstacle and challenge the group faces is the ‘Why? Who are we? Why are we here? What’s our vendetta against WWE and corporate infrastructure?’ We have not been able to tell that story.”

“Retribution is still an opportunity to be on TV every week. We’ve done stuff, and everyone is aware who is in the group. But we’re not able to address who we really are. I haven’t explained why I’m the leader and what power I hold over these people. I’d like to do so.”

“The fans have been left to connect the dots, which I never like to do. It’s a three-hour show. Stuffing 5,000 pounds into a five-pound bag isn’t going to work. We have to take our time. We’re doing the best with the time we’re given.”

RETRIBUTION as a group has only won one match as a group since their debut. Ali has been slightly more successful in singles competition. He would recently defeat WWE United States Champion Riddle on Raw.

Credit: TV Insider