Mustafa Ali – “I Told Vince McMahon I Was A Talker, He Didn’t Believe Me”

Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali has discussed his experience of trying to persuade WWE Chairman Vince McMahon that he was a proficient talker and the lengths he went to prove it.

Ali had led the RETRIBUTION group on Raw since October 2020. During that time, Ali has denounced WWE in several interviews as his group’s attempts to assert dominance on the red brand.

Speaking to TV Insider, Mustafa Ali discussed the freedom he has on the microphone and if it took a lot to convince McMahon to let Ali speak his mind.

Ali explained:

“I can only speak of my experience with [Chairman] Vince McMahon and the creative team, but not really. You can always tell them what you’re capable of doing, or you can show them. The first time I told Vince McMahon I’m a talker, he didn’t believe I was. So I recorded my own promos. I record my own videos. It’s a lot easier to show them what you’re capable of doing than telling them. I’ve got a pretty good range in terms of saying the things I do.”

Mustafa Ali has seen his stock rise in WWE due to his skills on the microphone. The superstar has had several notable interviews, with one including a dressing down to anyone who mispronounced his name.

RETRIBUTION has not been massively successful as a unit in the ring since the group’s inception. They boast only one victory as a 4-man team, that coming in November 2020. Ali has been more successful in singles action, he recently defeated WWE United States Champion Riddle.

Ali also discussed RETRIBUTION’s engagement with the audience and says that “they do the best we can with the time we get.”

Credit: TV Insider