Mustafa Ali Has Revealed Why He Stopped Using The 054

Mustafa Ali & Retribution

The leader of RETRIBUTION, Mustafa Ali recently took to Twitter to answer a series of questions submitted by fans.

One fan asked why Ali no longer uses the 054, his version of an imploding 450 splash which had been his finishing move throughout his WWE run. The move, which puts great strain on the knees in particular, as the instigator comes crashing down from the top rope has been quietly dropped from Ali’s arsenal in recent times, for which the former 205 Live star gave a very simple explanation.

“I wanna be able to play with my grandkids one day.”

During the impromptu Q&A Mustafa Ali also revealed that he is currently working through an injury, describing it as his biggest frustration. The injury in question is a torn PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament) in his knee. It is unclear as to when Ali sustained the injury, but it hasn’t caused him to miss any television time as time of writing.

Mustafa Ali returned from a seven-month absence, arriving on Raw in July 2020. In October he would reveal himself as the leader of RETRIBUTION, who had been wreaking havoc across WWE. The group have endured somewhat mixed fortunes in recent times, with Ali blasting his followers for their perceived poor performance.

Ali was last seen in action on the March 1st episode of RAW, first in tag team action, before defeating new WWE United States Champion Matt Riddle in a singles contest.