Mustafa Ali Declares “I’m Done”

Mustafa Ali making his entrance

Mustafa Ali dares anyone to try and keep him down in an emotional video on Twitter.

On October 3rd, Mustafa Ali stepped up to Bobby Lashley and challenged him to a United States Championship match. The two would battle that night on Monday Night Raw for one of the richest prizes in the company.

Ali would go on to lose his opportunity after he’d passed out to Lashley’s Hurt Lock. The former Cruiserweight posted an emotional video on October 11th explaining why he challenged Lashley for the title. He claimed he was done “waiting to get his number called.”

“I’m done being here. I’m done being where I’ve always been. Everyone keeps asking me why I picked a fight with Bobby Lashley. Why didn’t I just stay down? And listen, as complicated as it gets up over here, the answer is simple. It’s … I’m just done.

I am done standing in line and waiting for my number to get called, a number that we all know was never going to get called in the first place. I’m done being the victim! I am done blaming other people! I am done complaining about what I don’t have! I’m done not fighting! I’m done with it! I’ve got to fight! It’s on me! This is World War Me!

So to everyone in that locker room, the next time you lock eyes with me, brother, it’s not just an opponent you are staring it, you are staring at a problem! Realize that you are facing a man who is willing to die before he lets his own dreams die! Go at it. Knock me down. I promise you, I promise you, you’re not going to keep me down.”

Mustafa Ali has garnered a reputation as one of the more under-appreciated members of the roster, despite being highly regarded by many fans and colleagues. In recent weeks Ronda Rousey moved to praise his work, describing him as “amazingly talented.”

We’ll have to see where Mustafa Ali’s career goes from here. He can at least take some solace knowing that SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey enjoys his work.