Mustafa Ali Blocks WWE Affiliated Twitter Account After #FreeAli Trends

Mustafa Ali

WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali appears to have blocked an official WWE social media account after #FreeAli trended on Twitter.

On January 16th Mustafa Ali posted a video on social media revealing that he had requested his release from WWE. The star had been absent from television for a number of months, and it was unclear as to when he would be returning. While it was initially suggested that his absence had been related to paternity leave, it was later revealed that Ali only asked to miss one show.

In the clip, Ali said that he felt he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his ambitions while working for WWE.

Despite Ali’s request, a report from Fightful Select claimed that Ali will not be leaving the company. Although many had expected Ali’s request to be granted, after the two sides discussed the issue, the SmackDown star was informed that his request had been turned down.

Now fans have taken up Mustafa Ali’s cause on social media, getting the hashtag #FreeAli to trend. One fan showed they had been blocked by the WWE On FOX account after apparently commenting the hashtag on their posts.

This prompted Ali to respond, showing that he was blocking the WWE On FOX account.

Many onlookers expected Mustafa Ali to be granted his request following ongoing budget cuts in the company that saw over 80 WWE Superstars alone released in 2021. Former NXT star Toni Storm was let go from the company at the end of December after she apparently quit following a live event, going as far as to fly herself home.