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Mustafa Ali Believes There’s Lost Art In RETRIBUTION

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Mustafa Ali believes that there is a lost art in RETRIBUTION that the fans have yet to see.

Appearing as a guest on After the Bell with Corey Graves where he also spoke about what almost caused him to retire from the industry, the leader of the vigilante bloc promised that fans have yet to see the art of the story being told and that devotees need to give the stable time.

First on the agenda, however, was the reasoning behind bringing the group together in the first place. An explanation we’ve yet to receive in it’s entirety on WWE television:

“They’ve all had a moment that was taken away from them. MACE was doing great on Raw commentary, Brock puts him through a table, and now he’s done? He never came back. T-BAR was choked out by Karrion Kross and his best friend Keith Lee watched, and then Keith Lee goes up to the main roster, leaving Dijakovic with nothing. Mia Yim was taken out before WarGames, the person who took her out was never reprimanded. We have all these stories about guys and girls who had something taken away from them and nothing has happened. The sentiment of ‘chip on your shoulder,’ is very appropriate for RETRIBUTION. I went from a guy who was sitting at home for seven months to a guy who now has seven seconds to talk. I am built and ready for this. I’ve been asking for a story and what better story to tell than your story. RETRIBUTION is me. I felt overlooked and that the company looked at profit over people. I felt what my name is and what I look like has defined me to some extent and inhibited me from growing.”

A solid explanation for the formation while acknowledging, though indirectly, who the stars are behind the masks despite them never using their previous names since being moved to the main roster.

With that out of the way, Mustafa Ali touched on the lost art in the group, how it had been overlooked as well as underappreciated and told fans that they would have to give the group time:

“I know people love to poke fun at SLAPJACK and the mask, but there’s so much art in this story that I knew a lot of it was going to go over people’s heads. Imagine having people make preconceived ideas about you because of your name and what you look like. Imagine a guy named Mustafa Ali renaming people so they can understand what it feels like to be judged by your name and what you look like. You guys don’t appreciate real art. Give us time to tell a story. We live in a day and age when people want to push a button and know everything. Sit down, shut up, watch it, and enjoy it. I’m leading the charge and I do not drop the ball.”

In recent weeks, RETRIBUTION have been on the losing end of everything they’ve been involved in from 6-Man Tag Team wars with The Hurt Business, SLAPJJACK falling to the might of WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley and being taken apart single handedly by ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt.

It has not been the best start. But if you listen to Ali then time is a great healer and RETRIBUTION will use it to make people see them differently.

Credit for the interview: WWE After the Bell

h/t for the transcription: Fightful