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Multiple WWE Stars Pay Tribute To Scott Hall Throughout Raw

Scott Hall Razor Ramon WWE

Following the sad passing of two-time WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall, many WWE Superstars paid tribute to The Bad Guy on Monday Night Raw.

Monday Night Raw opened with a graphic in memory of Scott Hall, and WWE confirmed on Twitter that the legend had indeed passed away at the age of 63. A tribute video package played in the middle of the episode, highlighting Hall’s career and his influence on the wrestling business.

Hall had reportedly suffered three heart attacks while undergoing surgery for a broken hip with his long-time friend and tag team partner Kevin Nash confirming that Hall’s life support was to be “discontinued” when his family was “in place.”

Kevin Owens kicked off Raw with a promo and began the tributes to the man who competed for many years as Razor Ramon as he opened with Hall’s signature “Hey yo.” Owens wasn’t done however as later in the show he paraphrased Scott Hall’s memorable closing line in his WWE Hall Of Fame speech when he told Seth Rollins “Tough times don’t last, but tough guys do!”

Damian Priest entered the arena for his bout with Finn Balor by mimicking Hall’s trademark arms out and sideways walk entrance. Balor himself threw up his traditional “Too Sweet” gesture but it had added poignancy as Hall brought the hand gesture to prominence as part of the nWo.

Kevin Owens wasn’t done paying tribute to Hall as utilised The Bad Guy’s signature fall-away slam in his main event match with Seth “Freaking” Rollins.