Multiple Ex-WWE Stars Make Shock Returns As Bad Bunny Defeats Damian Priest

Bad Bunny

For decades wrestlers and wrestling fans have talked about the “Road Warriors pop” and the “Stone Cold pop” but on May 6th, 2023, the Bad Bunny pop was born.

Returning to the ring in front of his fellow countryman, Bad Bunny was greeted as though — insert religious deity of your choice — had arrived live and in living colour.

His San Juan Street Fight against Damian Priest promised to be a wild affair, but no one could have predicted the rollercoaster ride that followed.

Despite being roared on by a capacity crowd, Bunny was initially overwhelmed by Priest, although he managed to hit back with a Michinoku Driver.

Once the action spilled to the outside the intensity went up a level. The two men brawled into the crowd, and Priest hit a Falcon Arrow on his famous rival from a huge case through two tables. However, his dominance wasn’t to last.

Back at ringside, Bad Bunny ducked a kick that left Priest nursing a damaged ankle. Sensing an opportunity the Hip Hop star laid waste to the damaged wheel with a steel chair, steel chain, and just about everything he could lay his hands on. But just as he was about to level Prist with a chair to the head, the former United States Champion managed to talk him out of it, landing a cheap shot of his own.

In response, Bad Bunny delivered a thunderous low blow which was greeted as though he had just won the World Title.

Incredibly, it was only now that things really got out of hand.

Bad Bunny Joined By Savio Vega And Carlito

With both men down, Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio ran into attack Bad Bunny but were themselves attacked by Rey Mysterio. This brought out former WWE star Carlito to a bone-rattling ovation and he spat his apple into the face of Dominik after Rey had hit him with a 619.

Dom and Balor then began a retreat up the ramp but were cut off by Savio Vega, who again was cheered to the rafters as he had been during a backstage segment earlier in the night. Vega then called out the rest of the LWO and the veteran helped beat down Dominik and Balor as the crowd exploded.

Back in the ring Bad Bunny locked Priest in a Figure-Four, but the Judgment Day star fought back, albeit briefly.

The end of a remarkable match came after Bad Bunny hit a Sliced Bread #2 and completely wore out Priest with a chair. To put the icing on the cake he followed up the assault with a Destroyer to score a remarkable win.

The LWO, Savio Vega, and Carlito then returned to the ring to celebrate.