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MSK Name The New Day As WWE Dream Opponents

MSK New Day

Ahead of their landscape shifting ‘Winner Takes All’ Six-Man Tag Team Match at NXT TakeOver: In Your House, NXT Tag Team Champions MSK appeared of WWE’s ‘The Bump’ and revealed their dream WWE Tag Team Opponents.

On Sunday, June 13, MSK will team with NXT North American Champion ‘The Colossal’ Bronson Reed to take on Legado Del Fantasma with both the North American and Tag Team Championships on the line.

Ahead of NXT’s showcase event, Nash Carter and Wes Lee were invited onto WWE’s ‘The Bump’, speaking on the show Carter and Lee would discuss their career thus far and what they would consider their career-defining moment in the WWE.

Opening the response, Nash Carter, formerly Zachary Wentz, would state:

“The New Day held the tag division down for how long, and they still continue to be great. It’s not like they’ve slowed down. They continue to be tag team greatness, and The Usos as well. That’s the pinnacle of tag team wrestling, and we want to test our skills.”

Wes Lee, formerly Dezmond Xavier, would continue where his partner left off, adding:

“I consider them living legends because they are still paving the way for generations to come and inspire the ones that are up-and-coming at the moment. They’ve done so much for so long and have influenced in so many ways. Breaking out of that fourth wall and being in video games and TV shows and [having their own] cereal, those are the kinds of things that help transcend the world of wrestling. It’s very special and mad cool if we could get in the ring [with them].”

MSK recently appeared on the Pro Wrestling 4 Life Podcast with Sean Waltman, during this interview the duo formerly known as The Rascalz discussed Waltman’s influence on their careers and how their ring gear is a tribute to the man they consider one of the all-time greats.

““You were a pioneer, you really were. Your energy in the ring was unmatched, your athleticism was ahead of its time, and just your charisma. Like, even from your entrance to walking to the back you just oozed charisma and that’s the kind of way that we just like to carry ourselves. So we thank you for showcasing that so we can cultivate that in us.”

NXT TakeOver: In Your House is set to air live on Sunday, June 13. Inside the Ropes has all the latest information on the show including how and where to watch it available on site here.

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