Mr Kennedy Recalls Vince McMahon Pranking WWE Stars On Flight To Iraq

Vince McMahon

For every day Vince McMahon was in charge of WWE, there’s a hilarious story to go alongside it. From the time he stood in-ring after defecating himself to his real hatred of sneezing, a Vince McMahon encyclopedia is required to fully understand every unique aspect of the once-WWE CEO.

The quirkiness, for lack of a better term, of Vince McMahon carried over to WWE’s international trips. As recalled by former WWE Superstar Mr. Kennedy during an AMA session on Reddit, McMahon once proceeded to throw candy at various WWE performers and personnel during a plane journey to Iraq:

“We were on our way over to Iraq, which is a really, really long flight. And we were actually flying from New Finland to Rammstein airforce base in Germany. This is like twelve hours into the flight, people passed out and lots of alcohol consumed. It was a C17 transport plane, a big, wide open plane. People are scattered all over the place. 90% of the people were sleeping.

Vince, a sixty-five year old billionaire, was low-crawling around being super stealthy with a bag of hard candies tucked under his arm. He’d hide behind something, pop his head up, throw a candy at their face, then pop down again. They’d wake up, look around and see nothing then go back to sleep. Then he’d pop up and do it again. Just kept doing it.”

Mr. Kennedy Was Due To Be Vince McMahon’s Illegitimate Son

Prior to violating WWE’s wellness policy in September 2007, it was believed that Mr. Kennedy would have been unveiled as the illegitimate son of Vince McMahon. Kennedy’s suspension led to Hornswoggle being placed in the role instead.

This marked the second of two career-changing scenarios for Mr. Kennedy in 2007. Having won the Money in the Bank briefcase the previous April at WrestleMania 23, the future IMPACT World Champion was forced to drop the briefcase to Edge due to injury, though it was later unearthed that Kennedy’s condition wasn’t as serious as first thought and dropping the briefcase wasn’t required.

He would be let go from WWE in May 2009, having drawn the ire of then-WWE Champion Randy Orton after botching a belly-to-back suplex during his final match in the company.