Mr Blobby Competes At Independent Wrestling Show

Mr Blobby

The wacky world of wrestling knows no bounds as nineties television icon Mr Blobby competed in a match at an independent UK show.

The bumbling giant pink and yellow-spotted star was on the card at the recent Gloworm Festival in Thoresby Park, Nottinghamshire, courtesy of House of Pain Wrestling. A clip of the match posted by Ivy – one of the wrestlers involved – shows Mr Blobby pushing her from the apron of the ring to the floor has been shared online. It is unknown if Blobby won his match or if the bout will be eligible to be rated with Dave Meltzer’s star system.

For those of you reading this born after 2000, allow me to explain. Mr Blobby became a household name in the UK through appearances on the hit BBC show Noel’s House Party in the nineties. His chaotic antics and catchphrase of “blobby, blobby, blobby” won him legions of fans at a time when there were only four television channels for most people to choose from.

The height of ‘Blobby-Mania’ was reached in late 1993 when Mr Blobby with his track titled – you’ve guessed it – ‘Mr Blobby’ became the UK’s Christmas number one.

Mr Blobby has continued to make television appearances over the years, with sightings on shows such as The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, Sam Delaney’s News Thing, and a memorable outing on This Morning, which saw him wreck the set.

The chaotic star even once appeared on the children’s show Live and Kicking with former WWE and WCW star, Scott Hall.