Mr. Blobby Clashes With Steve Austin Cosplayer In Bonkers 1990’s Themed Royal Rumble [Video]

Mr. Blobby Wrestling Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

The world of independent wrestling is a wild one, and at one UK independent show over the weekend, 90’s British TV icon Mr. Blobby found himself making his professional wrestling debut.

The event took place as independent promotion Riot Cabaret held an event inside the Clapham Grand in London, and as part of the show, wresters donned cosplay to portray multiple characters from 1990’s pop culture in a match themed after WWE’s Royal Rumble, with participants entering at fixed intervals and attempting to throw one another over the top rope. Among those represented were Ginger Spice, the Backstreet Boys, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and

Internet personality Simon Miller even took the mantle of dressing up like Stone Cold Steve Austin, something he says was a highlight of his career.

The polka-dotted icon struggled to enter the ring, but once he was in, he laid waste to the field of competitors with a series of clotheslines. A clip posted on the promotion’s TikTok account shows Blobby being attacked by all other wrestlers in the ring before powerfully emerging from the beatdown, throwing all his competitors to the ground.


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Blobby was eventually eliminated by Team Rocket, portrayed by independent stars Charles Crowley and Alexxis Falcon.

Mr. Blobby Became A Household Name In The 1990’s

Mr. Blobby became a household name in the UK through appearances on the hit BBC show Noel’s House Party in the nineties. His chaotic antics and catchphrase of “blobby, blobby, blobby” won him legions of fans at a time when there were only four television channels for most people to choose from.

The height of ‘Blobby-Mania’ was reached in late 1993 when Mr. Blobby with his track titled – you’ve guessed it – ‘Mr. Blobby’ became the UK’s Christmas number one.

The star has continued to make television appearances over the years, with sightings on shows such as The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, Sam Delaney’s News Thing, and a memorable outing on This Morning, which saw him wreck the set.

The chaotic star even once appeared on the children’s show Live and Kicking with former WWE and WCW star, Scott Hall.

While well-known in the UK, Mr. Blobby didn’t find fame across the ocean in the United States, and independent wrestler Allie Katch took to social media to ask who the “scary” pink figure was.

“being bombarded by images of a very big scary pink thing and all the uk people LIKE it who is mr blobby IM TERRIFIED”

This isn’t the first time the icon has set foot inside a wrestling ring as he previously took part in a match put on by House of Pain Wrestling.