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“Moxley Is My Go-To Guy” – Darby Allin [Exclusive]

Darby Allin Jon Moxley

Darby Allin and Jon Moxley are AEW’s two top male singles champions right now, if we go by what the company themselves classify as fully-fledged, recognised championships. Both men are self-confessed loners, but the ‘Face of TNT’ told Inside The RopesKenny McIntosh how the AEW World Champion is his go-to guy, and even tells him to be careful in the ring.

“Yeah, Moxley is, like, my go-to guy. I think it’s funny because both me and Mox, we’re like the most loners in the company so it’s cool that, he kind of tells me things like, ‘Yo, man, just be careful out there.’ He’s kind of like that role of looking out for me, like, longevity-wise. So picking his brain about everything is pretty nice.”

While Allin appreciates Moxley’s advice and how the former WWE Champion looks out for him, whether he takes those words on board is another story. Discussing the spot where he was put in a bodybag filled with tacks and tossed out the ring, Allin said the secret is just not to think about it.

“The secret to those are you don’t think about it, you just go with it, whatever happens, happens. You can’t think about it. The moment you start panicking is the moment you start getting hurt. So you just go with the wind, man.”

The AEW TNT Champion went on to say that what he sees as safe might be dangerous to someone else, and he feels like showing he can “take an ass-kicking” just further proves his ability to hang with anyone in the ring.

“My tolerance for fear and crazy stuff is so high. So what is base-level, what is safe to me may be extremely dangerous to somebody else. So I just sit and it gives me that extra edge because me being a smaller guy coming into the ring and saying I’m reckless or fearless….. I don’t just say it with my words. I mean, I show them every week in videos. So that’s why those videos mean so much to me. So I can show the world that I can take an ass kicking because if I kick my own ass, what makes you think that I can’t take someone else’s ass kicking?”

Thanks to Darby Allin for taking the time. You can check out the full interview here.

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