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“Moxley Doesn’t Work As Either A Heel Or A Babyface” – Jim Cornette

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Manager of champions, Jim Cornette, has spoken out about the current role Jon Moxley plays on AEW television citing that the star straddles the divide of heel and babyface.

Since Jon Moxley made his shocking AEW debut, the artist formerly known as Dean Ambrose has rarely been one thing or another. While there have been instances of him settling on the side of the good, he has also shown a vicious intent in bouts with men such as Eddie Kingston that would be more suited to a relentless heel.

Now, Jim Cornette has sat down on his Jim Cornette Experience Podcast to lambast both the man in question and AEW’s booking of him following a recent victory on the January 20, 2021, edition of Dynamite:

“Moxley doesn’t work as either a heel or a babyface, he just does the s**t that he does. Moxley doesn’t really know how to be a babyface or a heel. Then Moxley did his promo, where he’s the baddest man in the world and he’s still after Kenny Olivier [Omega] and I’m determined Moxley should have a pirate gimmick to go along with his sunken chest. He says, “I love to break necks and snap limbs ‘cus I’m violent.” Has he broken anybody’s neck? Has he snapped anybody’s limbs? I know he never sells but has he ever actually done anything that anybody else sold for more than a f***ing week? He loves to do all these things but we never see him do them.

That’s one of the first things I learned when I got in the business. Babyfaces never promise they’re going to do s**t, or they have done s**t unless they are going to do it or have done it. ‘Cus then you just look like a f***ing goof. Nobody thinks this guy is really going to break anybody’s neck.”

Currently on AEW television, the former AEW World Heavyweight Champion has taken aim at Kenny Omega in order to regain the strap he lost on December 2, 2020. at Winter is Coming.

Credit for the interview: Jim Cornette Experience