More Details On Why Keith Lee Has Been “Ordered” To Work On In-Ring Skills

Keith Lee Thumb

Following the earlier report that Keith Lee, among others, has been “ordered” to improve on his in-ring skills, more details have emerged thanks to Fightful Select.

According to Fightful, several “big men” have been sent to classes at the Performance Center under Drew Gulak and Adam Pearce.

Those names were reported by earlier to have been Keith Lee, Otis, MACE, Dabba Kato and Omos. However, Fightful reports that there are more names attending the classes.

Regarding Keith Lee’s involvement, Fightful reports that there’s a feeling of confusion in the locker room as he’s considered one of the better workers in the company, that that the former NXT Champion may have been “caught up” in the group based on his size.

It’s reported that Otis is well-liked in the company, but a couple of spots have “got the attention” of people at Gorilla Position and, while there’s no heat on the former Mr Money In The Bank, the thought is that he “could be safer” in the ring.

The less surprising names of Dabba-Kato, Omos and MACE, Fightful Reports, are all there for general improvement due to lack of experience and/or time out of the ring. The first two have little experience in the ring, while MACE was out of the ring for a prolonged period of time.

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